Volume: 24 Issue: 01, January 2024



Dr. Mohd Shamim, Dr.Mohammad Irshad Hussain, Khushboo Singh, Dr. Noor Fatima, Dr. Mohammad Rafek, Dr. Rajesh Verma, Dr. Manoj Kumar

Publication Date: 30-01-2024


Introduction: The study illustrates the role of language in empowering the LGBT community. The research analysis predicts the current status of Indian society with respect to the condition of the transgender community. The study talks about the prerequisites of gender equality practices and in what possible ways language have neutralized the LGBT’s livelihood. Aim: The aim of the study highlights the importance of language that is inclusive in nature for stabilizing the lives of LGBT people. Literature review: The ideas determining the importance of inclusive language views the innovative mode of communicating with other group members irrespective of their terms and policies. This states the factors comprising of the possibilities to eradicate gender bias. Moreover, the modifications of social identity have established the idea of social acceptance. It is a first step towards gender equality practices as well as playing a crucial role in the organizational sectors. Methodology: Primary quantitative analysis provides a stable idea regarding the research and is performed by acquiring the information from 65 participants belonging to the LGBT community. Findings: The statistical results based on the age factor, gender and income analysis states that people belonging to the prefer to not say group have responded in a better way which is 46.15%. Moreover, the study illustrates that there is a significant correlation between the role of language and LGBT community. Discussion: The analysis states that the significant value rises with the rise in the language acquisition process among the participants Conclusion: Language has helped them to pursue social goals as well as made them feel proud of how they are.


LGBT community, language acquisition, inclusive language, gender inequality

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